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Traditional security solutions are complicated and expensive, especially for small and midsize businesses who lack the resources, time and expertise needed to implement them. At Judy Security, we are on a mission to change that.

Meet Judy, the first all-in-one, AI-powered cybersecurity platform purpose-built for the needs and budgets of the SMB.

Easy to deploy, use and manage, Judy provides enterprise-grade security for a fraction of the cost and effort by bringing together a powerful set of security tools including: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) | DNS Filtering | Password Manager | Judy’s Blue Team: Cloud SIEM + XDR | Automated Compliance Management and Reporting | Secure Authentication | Security Awareness Training

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CRN News

Solution Providers Tell All: Who Are Some Of The Most Up-And-Coming Tech Vendors?
Gina Narcisi

With IT requirements changing fast and new demands coming in from customers, CRN asked MSPs about the hidden gem tech vendors that are on their radar right now.

Google Workspace Gets ‘AI-Powered’ Security: 10 New Gmail, Drive Enhancements
Mark Haranas

Here are 10 new AI-powered security features for Google Workspace around Gmail, Drive, Meet, Docs and Chat unveiled Wednesday.

As Ransomware Gangs Shift To Data Extortion, Some Adopt A New Tactic: ‘Customer Service’
Kyle Alspach
August 14, 2023, 12:20 PM EDT

For some attackers who are skipping the encryption — and solely pressuring victims to pay over stolen data — the goal is actually to minimize disruption, experts told CRN.

5 Big CrowdStrike Updates On Threat Hunting And Intel
Kyle Alspach

The company’s 2023 Threat Hunting Report reveals a surge in identity-based and RMM-driven cyberattacks, while CrowdStrike announced its new Counter Adversary Operations service.

Sumo Logic Layoffs Hit Engineers, Channel Organization
Wade Tyler Millward
June 13, 2023, 10:12 PM EDT

Sumo Logic has reportedly laid off 79 employees.

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Judy Security is dedicated to securing small and medium-sized businesses with more than just software development and profit margins in mind. Our mission is to bring tangible value to an underserved sector and those who support it, offering service providers, value-added resellers, IT consultants, MSPs, and MSSPs an easy-to-deploy and manage solution.

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