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SAS® Viya® is a cloud-based, in-memory analytics engine that fulfills the promise of AI. It provides data visualization, reporting and analytics to create actionable insights. SAS Viya brings together visual analytics, visual statistics and data science for enterprises of all sizes to achieve end-to-end self-service analytics. Accelerated by our chip-level collaboration with Intel®, we help you minimize cloud compute costs and reduce complex AI/GAI workflows from days to hours and minutes.


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AWS re:Invent 2023: The 10 Biggest New Product Launches
Mark Haranas
November 29, 2023, 11:14 AM EST

From the new Amazon Q AI-powered assistant to new thin-client hardware, here are the 10 biggest AWS product launches at re:Invent 2023 this week.

The 10 Hottest Big Data Tools Of 2023
Rick Whiting

Here’s a look at 10 big data tools that either debuted or were significantly enhanced this year that solution providers should be aware of.

5 Companies That Came To Win This Week
Rick Whiting
November 17, 2023, 02:22 PM EST

For the week ending Nov. 17, CRN takes a look at the companies that brought their ‘A’ game to the channel, including Microsoft, SonicWall, Securonix, Google and Nvidia.

These Are The Stellar Big Data Startups To Know In 2023
Rick Whiting

Businesses today often struggle to manage their data, let alone get the most value out of their data assets. As part of CRN’s Stellar Startups for 2023, here are 13 big data technology startups, founded in 2017 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.

Products Of The Year 2023: The Finalists
Rick Whiting

CRN staff compiled the top partner-friendly products that launched or were significantly updated over the last year. Now it’s up to solution providers to choose the winners.

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  • Trustworthy AI

    Trustworthy AI is critical because it helps build trust with customers. It helps promote transparency and accountability, safety and security, which leads to fair and equitable outcomes.

  • SAS Viya Solution Overview

    The SAS Viya platform offers packaged solutions for every data and analytics need and for every use case.

  • Faster AI and Analytics with SAS Viya

    The value of SAS Viya lies in its ability to deliver business critical decisions significantly faster, and at lower operating costs than the alternatives tested.

  • Prepare for Battle on the AI Performance Front

    Right now, we’re helping IT and business leaders across industries launch and operationalize their AI strategies, and we can help you.

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At SAS, we’re committed to an excellent partner experience. Together we can provide organizations with a practical approach for incorporating AI and analytics capabilities into organizational processes. We deliver superior customer experiences, operational agility, leaner processes and smarter use of assets. SAS’ decades-long partnership with Intel ensures that SAS solutions don’t merely run on Intel processors, they are carefully optimized to work with them. The result is high-performance analytics solutions that scale quickly to fit customer needs and deliver immediate results.

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