About Egnyte

Egnyte fuels business growth by enabling secure access to, sharing of and protection of data while providing organizations with visibility and control over their content. Egnyte’s cloud-native content platform leverages our industry-leading AI engine to deliver a simple, secure, and vendor-neutral foundation for managing content across business applications and storage repositories while providing:

- Replacement for legacy file servers

- Compliance

- Ransomware protection

- VPN elimination

- Solutions for complex verticals



  • A Profitable Way to Retire File Servers

    Innovative MSPs are looking to replace on-premises file servers in order to move faster and increase profits, while providing clients immediate productivity gains and risk reduction.

  • Why Partner with Egnyte?

    What‘s in it for you? This 2-pager will go over why offer Egnyte to your clients + the Benefits of becoming a partner.

  • Worried About Ransomware Defense?

    Content has never been more critical to companies’ success. Risks to your content are threats to the entire business. Content governance is not only about securing enterprise files and data; it’s about protecting the business itself. Egnyte has a solution for you!

  • It’s the End of File Servers as We Know Them. What’s Next?

    Provide your clients with a more robust and secure file sharing solution that can easily adapt to modern work environments and enable you to make money in 2022!

  • Data First: Defending your Organization from Within

    Egnyte’s ransomware capabilities don’t stop at detection and alerting. Egnyte’s platform also provides recovery and remediation options, including rolling back encrypted files, despite an attacker’s best attempts to render them unusable.